Karishma Zaka Ullah

It happened right after my F.Sc result that life hit me like a brick wall and it became all too real. I didn’t know where to go or whom to go too. And so like any sane confused teenager, I went to everyone. The deadlines were passing me by, as I was being bombarded with millions and millions of suggestions. Plan A was to become a doctor, plan B was becoming a teacher but that wasn’t my plan B, that was societies plan B! So i ended up choosing bachelor’s in Business administration. In my fourth semester i was asked to put forth a startup idea, so without a question, without a doubt in my head and for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t uncertain about what to do. I knew exactly which problem had to be highlighted and that is how Unidesk came into being. A web portal that will help students who strive to make a career decision according to their aptitude interests and job market realities

Karishma Zaka Ullah founder of Unidesk